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Our Story

Michael Morton and Jenna Morton debuted Greek Sneak in September 2018 in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Maximize pleasure—a fundamental moral obligation, according to ancient philosophers. Greek Sneek makes it easy with a Greek and Mediterranean Menu of fresh, classic, great food, complemented by perfectly-aged wine and spirits.

Greek Sneek is tucked away down a hallway reminiscent of the maze of narrow streets in the old country. The entryway passes through the wine room before opening into a white brick barrel-vaulted dining room.

The main dining room, which seats up to fifty guests, features an open kitchen with a wood-burning oven for baking fresh bread and Saganaki. The dining room is flanked by a full bar which accommodates ten guests for dining or toasting “Opa!” with a glass of Ouzo. A private dining room on the opposite end comfortably seats parties of up to forty people. The restaurant is available for special events, corporate parties, and really any kind of party.

Greek Sneek believes that eating, drinking, and toasting loudly is the best way to fulfill your moral obligation to maximize pleasure.

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